Qatar refuses to force Germany team’s “diverse flight” to return to Oman ahead of World Cup | Tech Reddy

Whether the German men’s soccer team will make it to the knockout round of the World Cup will depend on the next two games. But some social media users are focusing on the past and pretending it never happened. “Qatar refuses to accept the plane of the German team, which carries the [email protected] a sign, … Read more

Son Heung Min’s Instagram has been flooded with negative comments after South Korea lost to Ghana in the ‘2022 World Cup’ | Tech Reddy

After South Korea lost to Ghana in their last match ‘World Cup 2022’ competition, South Korean athlete Song Heung Min the pain begins with negative comments to himself Instagram. After the match, Song Heung Min, the captain of the South Korean national team, said, “I don’t know what to say…All the players suffered, but I’m … Read more

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Richarlison has gained four million new followers on Instagram since his amazing bicycle kick goal for Brazil against Serbia earlier this week. The 25-year-old scored twice It’s Brazil the goal in Thursday’s 2-0 win over Serbia. Richarlison opened the scoring for the 2022 World Cup in the 62nd minutes. The Tottenham forward and netted an … Read more

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