Haryana Government brings a new University Sports Bill | Tech Reddy

[ad_1] The Haryana government on Wednesday introduced a bill in the assembly for setting up a premier sports university. The Haryana Sports University Bill, 2021 was introduced in the assembly after the government withdrew the previous Haryana Sports University Bill, 2019 following “certain observations from the Centre”. The new bill, which will be debated on … Read more

Notes from Boise: What is “good” government? | Tech Reddy

[ad_1] We use the term “good” a little flippantly. It’s a “good” person, it was a “good” movie, it’s a “good” car. Using the word “good” in these ways is almost purely subjective, relying on personal opinion or popular consensus, as opposed to an objective standard that everyone can. share independent of opinions and emotions. … Read more