Argentina’s women carry the Indian flag at the FIFA World Cup. The viral video shows why | It depends on the image | Tech Reddy


A video from the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is going viral on social media and Indian football fans are excited. The reason? It shows an Argentinian woman with an Indian flag around her, and an Indian man is seen holding an Argentine flag. The video was posted on Instagram with the caption, “Nationally divided, football united. Thank you @leticiaestevez for loving our nation.”

In the video, one can see an Indian man named Yadil M Iqbal standing next to an Argentinian woman named Leti Estévez. The clip begins with Iqbal saying in Malayalam that he saw Leti during the Argentina game and that he is wearing the tricolor in response to the love and support the team is receiving Argentina from the Indians. He also says that whenever he sees a football fan from Brazil, Portugal or any other nation, he shows photos from Kerala as a symbol of the state’s love for football. He also hopes to one day see Messi, Neymar Jr or Ronaldo go crazy and play for leagues in the Indian state of Kerala.

Watch the viral video below:

After the video was published, Leti, in an Instagram post, said that he exchanged an Argentine flag for an Indian one on the metro, and decided to bring it to the game at FIFA 2022 to thank the Indian fans who support the Argentina team and Messi. He added that Iqbal had documented his entry into the theater with an Indian flag and asked for a video presentation. He also expressed his happiness that his love for the island has reached its people.

Check out her Instagram post below:

Both columns have many faces, and the numbers are still growing. Sharing also encouraged people to express their thoughts in the comments.

“Proud of you man. You’re just amazing,” one person wrote. “Thanks for loving our people,” said another. “Thank you for creating this beautiful moment,” wrote a third. “You nailed it man,” shared the fourth. Many also posted heart symbols in the comments section. “Love from Kerala,” said the fifth.


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