The ex-Mennonite ‘Born Again’ mom joins the modern world and is able to communicate with unparalleled homemaking skills on Instagram. | Tech Reddy

RuthAnn Zimmerman had no idea what her life was like the image internet until after searching the hashtag “homesteading” on Instagram. Soon after, the homesteading hashtag was discovered each. Born a Pennsylvanian Mennonite—riding horses and arrows, the whole thing—she and her husband, Elvin, were gifted with life skills for most of the time. America today, … Read more

Apple iPad review: The 10th generation tablet finally has a modern design | iPad | Tech Reddy

Apple’s flagship iPad has received a much-needed modern design, with a larger screen and a range of new accessories, but also a steep price hike. The 10th generation iPad starts at £499 ($449/A$749). Apple is still selling the older ninth-generation iPad for £369, while the similarly sized iPad Air costs £669 after a price hike … Read more