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UTAH – Some of Utah’s most enthusiastic Halloween decorators are showing their love for Halloween with spectacular displays for Utahns to see.

It takes a certain level of commitment to build a skeleton bride, stuffing her husband in a casket, but it’s something Blake and Karen Christensen love to do during the spooky season.

“A happy bride, isn’t she?” Blake laughed.

“The crow’s nest up there, it’s all from the beginning,” said Karen, pointing to the display.

The couple is serious about Halloween at their Riverton home.

“It never fails to think that we’re always ready until the last minute, the last touch or the props, and he says we’re never going to do it again,” Blake said.

“We’ll see,” added Karen.

Blake Christensen and Karen Christensen in front of their Halloween show. (KSL-TV’s Mike Anderson)

They are part of the Rocky Mountain Haunters. Anyone can submit their own Haunt Map presentation that you can find on their website, but the real core members do more.

Utahns can only get by with Halloween City and Hobby Lobby decorations. That’s not what the Christenens do, and that’s not what the group Rocky Mountain Haunters is about.

“I learned how to make fiberglass for the first time,” said Remington Sorenson, another member of the Rocky Mountain Haunters.

People like Sorenson are always learning ways to make it all better and more appealing, like his Nightmare Before Christmas show in Murray.

This all started about seven years ago. “I decided I wanted to do Oogie Boogie,” he said.

Remington Sorenson presents his show “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. (KSL-TV’s Mike Anderson)

Skilled members learn at summer group meetings. Sorenson said his first patch quickly blew over, thanks in part to other neighbors.

They came and said, ‘It’s nice to live with a Halloween guy who lives in our neighborhood.’ I was like, ‘I want to be that guy!’” Sorenson laughed.

Sorenson began putting on the show in early September. At night it’s even more attractive, attracting about a hundred people a day through October, he said.

“A lot of people ask us if we do Christmas, but uh, I can handle one holiday a year going like this,” Sorenson said.

It’s a lot of work. It’s time-consuming, but the Haunters all seem to enjoy it for the same reasons.

Karen says: “Sometimes we think we are going crazy, ‘why am I doing this, why do I keep doing this?'” Karen said. “Because it’s boring, but once it’s fixed and people start enjoying it. It makes everything worthwhile.”


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