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Piya Patel
The bridge management team is responsible for the collapse of the bridge in Morbi. The bridge has the capacity of about 150 people, so how could they allow 500 people? The authorities have to be careful that the bridge is not overcrowded. Also, the private trust that was responsible for the bridge repair work had to submit a fitness report. Without submitting a fitness report, how could they open the bridge to the public?

Agam Shah
First of all, condolences to the families who lost their members. God gives him the strength to bear this irreversible and irreparable loss. This is the topic of the investigation and fixing the responsibility of this tragedy. The investigation should be fairly fair and transparent and no one should be spared who is responsible and others the public should also be careful enough while venturing or going to places like this on their ability to maintain and strength and should follow the maximum discipline they can.

Vignesh R Yadav
Almost, his very terrible incident, pitiful and terrible, many people lost their lives, the government and the authorities who are caring, they should take the blame, he has been sleeping for several days, it is very disappointing, both of them should ensure safety, should to have. rebuilt, made stronger by the necessary restoration.

Jaswant Chopra
The main reason for the Morbi bridge crashing would be Overload of almost 500 people that was more than its capacity to bear. Eyewitnesses say that some people were swinging the bridge so that the stress generated would have caused damage to the wire ropes and caused the crash once the load increased beyond the capacity. The management of the trust had the responsibility to ensure that there should be restricted access on the bridge and control the crowd that swings dangerously.

Himanshu Shah
ERP Manager
I would like to begin by sending my condolences to the victim and his concerned family. It is all the fault of Morbi Municipal Corporation, Orewa Trust, that this catastrophe happened. Why allow the crowd to grow too large? The general population is also no less accountable. Although the system was dormant, everyone should be aware of its capabilities.

Abhi Thadani
Business man
When a similar incident happened in Bengal recently, our PM had said “This is an act of fraud”. Well, then the same should apply in Gujarat. This bridge was recently repaired, so the officials concerned and the contractor should be charged with murder. Citizens pay taxes and our politicians spend huge sums on street shows, but they don’t care about the proper maintenance of civic infrastructure.
Ritu Patel
Home builder
The bridge was opened to the public without a fitness certificate. More than 140, including women and children died because 400 people had gathered on the bridge. It was beyond its carrying capacity. Julto pul is used by walkers to cross Machhu river.

Jwal Shah
I think that the Oreva company, which renovated the bridge, is responsible for the crash of the bridge, since they could have used good materials for it. But, at the same time, the municipal corporation must strengthen the security that can limit the number of people who reach the bridge.

HP Shetty
The authorities that manage the operation of the bridge are clearly victims for this major incident during the new year. My condolences to the family who lost their family members. Although this bridge is repaired recently after spending crores of rupees, because the authority is issuing more tickets to the visitors beyond the capacity of this bridge. We also have to blame the contractor who repaired this recently. A little vigilance would have saved many lives.
Sanya Mansuri
The architectural firm that designed the bridge, the contractors who worked on it, and/or any suppliers of materials used to build the bridge and the state or any other entity responsible for inspecting or maintaining the bridge should be held responsible for the death of 78 people.

Neha Shah
The government and the public are responsible for the tragedy. The bridge was reopened a few days ago without a fitness certificate. It was negligence on the part of the government. And, a huge crowd gathered because of the festive season on the bridge. Shows to go that the public only believes in entertainment. It is a new bridge and how can you go without any questions and information.

Shweta Kapoor
Content Manager
The company Oreva was given the contract to operate and maintain the bridge for 15 years. All authorities and companies responsible for maintenance and management of the bridge should be punished. Whoever reopened the bridge for public use without any fitness certificate should be penalized. Strict action should be taken against those found guilty.

Girish Vaghela
Retired bank executive
Prima facie Oreva Trust managed by Ajanta Group should take the blame for reopening it to the public without getting any permission from Morbi Nagarpalika. The stability of the structure and the bearing capacity of the bridge are not justified and certified by any competent authority before its use for the public. In addition, a group of more than 25 people who were on the bridge tried to swing and swing, should also be blamed for taking the lives of more than 100 people and leaving many seriously injured.

KV Vaidyanthan
Executive Assistant
The Morbi bridge collapsed due to the failure of the authorities to obtain its fitness certificate after repairs by the Oreva trust and the overcrowding of the bridge. As such, the blame must be on the authorities and those who carried out the repair of the bridge.

Renuka Wed
A private trust had undertaken the repair work of Morbi julta pul and opened it for the public without submitting a fitness certificate. The bridge was already in a precarious condition and broke with the weight of people – estimated to be as many as 400-500 in number. the main reason behind this misfortune happened that it was too populated, overcrowded – with about 400 to 500 people. The bridge had a capacity of 150 people. in addition a group of 25 people. This is believed to be the main reason for the collapse of the bridge. On bridge he tried to swing and sway it.


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