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There is no doubt that EVs are more popular today than they were a year ago. Take the TVS iQube for example – Last October (2021) it recorded sales of 395 units, despite being a TVS product. Fast forward to 2022 and it is posting monthly sales of 8,103 units. Of course the traction and trajectory is not astronomical compared to say a regular TVS scooter or motorcycle, but for a technology that raises a new dimension of mobility, the growth is promising.

The same is true of Ather Energy and Okinawa. Granted, both brands have been in the EV business for less time than TVS, but if you take that filter out of the equation, the growing adoption of EVs, despite their current challenges, will be evident. Here’s a quick look at the October 2022 sales report for Ather Energy, TVS’ iQube and Okinawa e-scooters.

Number of units sold in the month of October 2022:

Other Powers

TVS Qube

Okinawa Autotech




Ather’s top brass recently highlighted that the EV space is slowly but steadily evolving. To keep up with that growing demand, it will establish a new production facility. Yes, last month Ather sold more units (8,862) than it did this month, but the numbers have grown significantly since August with 6,441 units sold according to SIAM’s August report.

It was a good month for TVS with iQube sales almost doubling from August (4418 units) and September (4923 units) as per SIAM report. However, the biggest surprise here is Okinawa which posted the best at 17,531 units sold in October.

Why this is surprising is that Okinawa is currently facing a government investigation into the local installation of e-scooters and has FAME-II funding now suspended. Of course, a large chunk of its sales come from their low-speed products, which are not suitable for FAME II anyway, however, despite the obstacles, managing a sales figure of 17 thousand units is not a small thing.


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