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November 3, 2022 | 8:55 p.m

MANILA, Philippines — The television shows that we watch a lot at different times of our lives comfort us when we see these fictional characters together, to the point where we feel like we are a part of their lives.

Thus, we can’t help but imagine that shows like “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” took place in real life, making us wonder how these characters get more financially with the picture-perfect bedrooms they have?

We’ve seen these places so much on the screen that we can recognize them on a dime, even if they sometimes fall in love with what it’s like to live in the big cities of America, because let’s be real – rent is expensive.

Interior design studio Hovia has listed some of these key areas and calculated how much the characters living in them will have to pay in rent in 2022.

“When you’re writing a television show, showing a true picture of the characters’ lives based on their incomes may not be a priority, however…,” said a spokesperson for the studio.

The spokesperson added that such apartments are often more expensive than they seem given the location, and Hovia’s average prices today prove just that.

Monica’s House from ‘Friends’

When it comes to sitcom locations, nothing comes close to Monica Geller’s house where the gang hangs out if it isn’t in Central Park.

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The series explains that Monica and Ross’ grandmother had abandoned a previous rent-controlled lease that allowed Monica and Rachel to pay only $200 (P11,700) a month.

But their usual purple bedroom is in Manhattan’s West Village, where rent for such an apartment goes for an average of $6,554 (P384,000) a month.

Hovia’s spokesperson said that at least “Friends” is trying to show how these two women have access to a luxurious place, and maybe she’s the only one who does that.

Ted and Marshall’s apartment from ‘HIMYM’

Another iconic sitcom apartment is the one from “How I Met Your Mother” where almost every main character lived in some part of this list (except Barney, who could easily afford all the rent prices in this list).

Also in New York City but on the Upper West Side, this two-bedroom apartment can be rented for $7,100 (P416,000) per month.

Because Ted is a builder and Marshall is a lawyer, they may not be able to afford the rent if they actually live in such a place in 2022 New York.

Leonard and Sheldon scene from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Over on the West Coast, a group of “Big Bang Theory” geniuses are haunted by Leonard and Sheldon’s bed, where only Sheldon can stay in his place.

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The geographic description of this Los Robles Apartment Building in Pasadena is being a block away from City Hall, which is near the light store, and as everyone who watches this show knows that it has an elevator that is out of order even though it is five floors.

Leonard and Sheldon’s two-bedroom apartment is on the fourth floor and a bit spacious, but the rent can go for $2,894 (P170,000) a month.

Penny’s house – just across from Leonard and Sheldon’s – is small and has one bedroom, so it will be cheap.

‘New Girl’ Loft

When Jess moved into the Loft where Nick, Schmidt, and Winston live to kick off “New Girl,” the place became its own character.

Originally a three-bedroom that was converted into a four-bedroom, this loft in the Los Angeles Arts District will have a monthly rent of $4,800 (P281,000).

That means the four characters will each pay $1,200 (P70,400) each, which seems doable for them.

Meredith’s House on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The famous character Meredith Gray inherited her Seattle home, specifically Queen Ann Hill, from her mother where every other character had lived.

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The said house has three bedrooms and although Meredith owns the place, the rent can go for $4,200 (P246,000) per month.

Carrie’s scene from ‘Sex and the City’

Back in New York, fans of “Sex and the City” will be very happy to see Carrie and the girls – minus Samantha – back in the series “And Once Upon a Time…”

A one-bedroom apartment at Carrie’s 64 Perry Street in the city’s Upper East Side will cost an average of $4,072 (P239,000) per month.

So if Carrie only relied on her writer’s salary, it was unlikely that she would be able to pay for her iconic house in 2022, making it the most meaningless place to live according to Hovia.


Also a New York writer, Richard Castle lived with his teenage daughter Alexis in a two-bedroom apartment in the SoHo neighborhood.

But because of Castle’s huge success in mystery novels, it is possible that he can pay a monthly rent of $10,450 (P613,000), a high price because SoHo is a very expensive place.

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