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I have a Samsung tablet that I really want, if I can find one Black Friday deal I can’t stop myself from buying if it lowers the price. it is Galaxy Tab S7+and it sits in the middle of Samsung’s confusing line of tablets – but it’s the most desirable tablet Samsung has ever made, and it reminds me of Samsung’s best tablets.

Wait, before I start talking about the merits of Samsung’s legendary tablets, I haven’t been recently. Apologies to Samsung Until you say the iPad is the only tablet worth buying? Yes, I have, and if you’re new to tablets, I recommend checking it out The best iPads the first. They get things right without getting upset or compromising, even The best Android tablets They have issues that seem to play second fiddle to Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 from 2012 (Image credit: Future)

The Galaxy Tab S7+, on the other hand, reminds me of Samsung’s best tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.7. It was a Verizon exclusive in the US and featured one of the largest OLED displays ever made for a mobile device, before OLED TVs hit the market. It’s the classic Corvette of tablets – not as fast as today’s supermodels, but a sight to behold when you see that bright display.

I need an AMOLED tablet, which means I need a Samsung


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