Instagram releases new ‘Notes’ feature; What is it and how to use it? | Tech Reddy


Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Notes’ feature after testing for a short time with a small number of users. Rumors of the feature’s possible introduction first surfaced in June of this year, and it has already reached audiences. The Instagram Notes feature can be found in the Direct Message (DM) section under the search bar and will be visible to your followers for 24 hours.

Unlike biographies where pictures and videos can be posted, notes are shorter and faster because of the 60-character limit. Posted notes will not send messages to your followers but will be visible in the DM section of everyone who follows you allowing them to reply and read.

How to use the Notes section

  • Update the Instagram app to its latest version to use the Notes feature.
  • Open the app after updating on an iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Check the DM section to find the ‘To Note’ option.
  • Click on the option and click on the ‘Share what’s on your mind…’ command.
  • You can share your notes by selecting your closest friends or people you follow.
  • Click ‘share’ to send your note.

Note that only one note can be posted in a day as the previous note will be deleted if a new note is posted before the 24-hour deadline.

Owned by Facebook’s parent company Meta, Instagram introduced a number of new changes on the platform such as age verification tools, the feature for selecting posts on a person’s profile and content controls. sensitive to filter sensitive content on the feed. Now Instagram will also offer a full-screen feed for videos similar to Tik-Tok with some changes to keep children and teenagers away from inappropriate content on the site.


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