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More ads are coming to Instagram

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More ads will start appearing on your Instagram feed, Meta announced today. With these changes, advertisers will be able to post ads on the Explore home page as well as news feeds. The addition of ads comes as Instagram continues to push back on new changes…

It was said by TechCrunch, These new ad features may not be very popular among Instagram users. Meta has already faced a lot of backlash for the poor experience that Instagram offers these days. Complaints ranged from frustration over the number of “opinionated” ads in feeds, aggressive attention to Trends, and the number of in-app ads.

The first new ad feature coming to Instagram is the Explore feed. In the past, Instagram has shown ads in the Explore feed when you visit the Explore tab, tap the ad, and scroll down. In doing so, you will see many different ads inserted between these posts.

However, with this change, you will start seeing ads on the Browse home page again. This means you’ll still see ads when you tap the Browse tab, even if you don’t enter a column and scroll down.

In the past, Instagram served ads on Explore within Explore feeding — that is, people click on a post and scroll. But now, it’s moving more and more to the Browse home page, as it says it sees users spending more time there, Instagram told TechCrunch. This is happening all over the world.

Second, and most importantly, Instagram is adding ads directly to the news feed. In the past, user pages were free of ads. So if you tap to view someone’s comment, you won’t see an ad while scrolling through that person’s feed.

The new “global test” is changing that. When you visit a user’s profile, tap on one of their posts, and scroll down that vertical feed, you’ll see ads inserted between posts all the time. As part of this, Instagram said TechCrunch “Producers can earn additional income from ads displayed in their profile pages.” This offer, however, is only available with select manufacturers in the United States right now.

To reiterate: a lot of ads are coming to Instagram whether you like it or not. Although the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, tried to control the abuse in response to complaints about Instagram in July, we did not really see improvements. Adding more ads won’t change it.

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