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What’s old is new again, it seems. Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to…

Yes, it looks like 2007 Facebook is making a comeback. At least, the parent company Meta (which owns Facebook and Instagram) wants it back. The shared power that integrates social media and integrates with Stories will disappear after 24 hours, according to XDA Developers who reported the first test. As with Stories, it’s possible to set who sees these notes among the general audience or just those designated as “Close Friends.”

The change in power sharing was not announced by Instagram, not all users, so it is not clear how many people have been tested, what sites will be included, even how long the test will last.

The power upgrade has been a bit of a surprise elsewhere lately. Twitter, of all places, is allowing some users to add custom features to their tweets. A menu appears that offers anecdotes such as “hot take” and cheese emoji and “Case of the Mondays.” The social media app has tested against the powers that be in the past, but who knows, maybe it will work now. Just like old social media. However, you cannot create your own lyrics. Obviously, Instagram’s simpler note-taking style is closer to the real experience of a power update.

To see if the new feature is available, make sure the Instagram app is updated. From there, navigate to the Messages tab to see if the option appears under the search bar. If so, the prompt prompts you to, “Speak what’s on your mind…” A recipe for a fun way to inform others about world change or create one more time to shiver than lie awake in bed years later.

It’s a thrilling performance as Meta continues his fall from grace. Most of the updates of Facebook and Instagram are copying other features of the applications, including TikTok and BeReal. An official update that reverts back to the old Facebook makes a big difference in Hail Mary’s efforts to retain users.


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