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In August, Patently Apple published a report on Apple’s leadership in the tablet market in Mainland China in Q2 2022, with Huawei in second place. A new analytical report on the online sales of tablets from Beijing has been released today.

According to a new ITHome report, a new analytical report by Beijing RUNTO “China Smart Tablet Online Retail Market Monthly Tracker” China’s smart tablet in the first eight months of 2022 Online retail marketplace sales reached 7.19 million units.

The brand pattern of the smart tablet market is relatively concentrated. According to RUNTO online data, from January to August 2022, two major brands, Apple and Huawei occupy half of the smart tablet market with a share of 51.7%, and the market situation is very stable. The sales ranking is firmly in the top two.

The chart below clearly shows that Apple leads the Chinese market with a 33% share, almost doubling Huawei’s 18% share.

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2 RUNTO smart tablet market online sales chart for January - August

89% of the Chinese market is served by smart tablets like Apple, but there is a new and growing trend towards electronic paper displays (ePaper). According to RUNTO, e-paper tablets will be very active in the smart tablet market in 2022 due to their unique low power consumption, eye protection and paper-like features.

According to data, in 8 months of this year Online sales of e-paper smart tablets reached 362,000 units. With a penetration rate of 5%.

Among the TOP10 smart tablet brands are Palm Reading, which specializes in electronic paper; Huawei and iFLYTEK continue to generate new growth through the contribution of e-paper tablet sales.

In terms of new product launches, 2022 is the first year of an explosion of e-paper tablet products. In nine months of this yearA total of 14 brands have released 24 e-paper smart tablets. For more information, read the full ITHome report.

In 2011, Patently Apple filed a hybrid ePaper Display patent with the patent images shown below.

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3 apple paper display

Then in May of this year, Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted about Apple’s work with ePaper: “Apple is testing E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display for the cover screen of future foldable devices. and tablet applications.”

It is clear that Apple continues to work on ePaper solutions, and ePaper tablet market share exceeds 15% of the market in China. At that time, Apple could enter this market with a new ePaper iPad, so as to protect its tablets in China.

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