Twitter, Instagram Restrict Kanye West’s Accounts for Policy Violation | Tech Reddy


Kanye “Ye” West’s Twitter account has been shut down by the social media platform for violating its policies, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed. The type.

In its statement, Twitter did not say which specific posts by West led to the decision to ban his account.

The ban comes after West took to Twitter after facing a ban on Instagram. The singer shared two tweets most have been criticized as antisemitic.

The original post was deleted by Twitter for “violating Twitter rules.” In the post, West said he couldn’t deny it and said he had been “shouted” by the Jewish people.

“I’m going to sleep tonight but when I wake up I’m going to die [sic] con 3 On JEWISH FALLS,” West wrote in the now-deleted post. “The funny thing is I can’t be Anti Semitic because blacks are Jews too. You’ve played with me and tried to blackball everyone who opposes your cause.”

A second message, shared after the first, remained on Twitter: “Who do you think created the cancellation policy?”

A day earlier, a ban was placed on West’s Instagram account after the program removed content from his account for violating its policies.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the decision to The type, issuing temporary restrictions on posting, commenting and messaging is standard practice for accounts that violate the social media’s policies. The company did not specify which specific posts were the reason behind the ban.

West, who uses the handle @kanyewest on the platform, shared a now-deleted post showing a photo of the poster, said to have been directed at rapper Diddy, which has been criticized as antisemitic by Jewish advocacy groups such as the American Jewish Committee.

Representatives for the West Coast were not available for comment.

Hours after his Instagram ban, West took to Twitter for the first time in a while, calling out Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his ban from the platform. .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has been embroiled in a legal dispute over the purchase of Twitter, responded by welcoming West back to the social media platform.

The rapper also shared what it’s like 2024 political newsa prospect he had entertained before.

This doesn’t mark the first time the West has faced restrictions on Instagram. In March, the rapper was suspended from the platform for 24 hours. Content was also deleted from West’s account in that incident for violating policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment.

West also faced controversy earlier this week after wearing shirts reading “White Lives Matter” at his surprise Yeezy Season 9 fashion show in Paris. The rapper also appeared for an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday evening to discuss the decision.


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