Bennett angry with Lapid for “despicable suggestion” about the location of the office – Middle East Monitor | Tech Reddy


Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett became angry with current Prime Minister Yair Lapid after the “despicable suggestion” about the location of Bennett’s office, Rai Al-Youm reported yesterday.

Israeli Public Broadcaster Report, Kanthe online news site said that Lapid suggested a room on the eighth floor of the building that houses the Prime Minister’s office to be prepared for Bennett, who became the alternative prime minister.

Bennett refused to accept the room, which his aides described as a “despicable suggestion.” The former prime minister instead moved to his ministerial office in the Knesset headquarters, and decided not to attend the reception of American President Joe Biden with Lapid last week. He also did not attend the cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Kan said that this is the first time that the alternative prime minister does not have a designated office.

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