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Honestly, the shiny, new tablet has replaced the best spiral notebooks we’ve ever used (you know, Old school).

We’re not just for making to-do lists, watching YouTube videos, and scrolling through Pinterest, but a quality tablet — especially one you can easily snag on Amazon — is one of the best investments you’ll make. (due to: the best smart TVs).

That said, we’ve rounded up the 10 best tablets you can buy on Amazon in 2022. Along with the best laptops and desktops the retailer has to offer, these reliable handhelds are just as fun to uncover.

Oh, they do fabulous holiday gift (if you shop early like we did). Whether it’s your dad or your partner, take a look at your electronics guide, which you’ll always have (in short, a bookmark).

While you’re at it, check out our guide to the best kids’ tablets and e-readers to pair with your purchase.

Amazon All-New Fire 7" Tablet

The new Amazon Fire Tablet is one of Amazon’s hottest new releases yet. It has a 7-inch touchscreen, a 30% faster quad-core processor, and you can customize your storage options (either 16GB or 32GB). Plus, you get up to 10 hours of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android tablet

Like the brand’s best-selling Frame TV, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet packs a punch for less than $250. It’s a bargain with a 10.5-inch LCD screen, a fast-charging USB port, and the Galaxy Ecosystem experience, the latter of which lets you connect your Samsung devices (phone, PC, the works) together.

Amazon Fire HD 10" Tablet

If you love Amazon devices but want a bigger screen, the Amazon Fire HD 10″ Tablet is worth buying. Not only is it a great holiday gift, but you can choose from three other colors (including pink – we repeat – pink).

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

We’re all heartily eyeing the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. If you’re between a laptop and a tablet, this is your best bet. Specifically, it features 128GB of storage (meaning you’ll never run out), 10.5 hours of battery life, and stunning graphics.

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet

We think the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet is a hidden gem on Amazon. In particular, its white design makes it look sharp and modern, while the Android interface is easy to use. It also has an eye care mode that automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight (less work on your blue light glasses!)

6. Apple 2021 iPad, $270, original price: $329

Apple 2021 iPad

When we think of tablets, we think of Apple—it’s that simple. Choose the #1 Best Selling iPad of 2021 and you won’t go wrong. In addition, it can store up to 256 GB.

Windows 11 Tablet

Turn your tablet into a laptop with Windows 11 Tablet. Although it is redundant, it has a unique, raised platform for attaching the keyboard. If you don’t want to use it at your desk, you can take it out of the dock and take it to bed. We love it, to say the least.

Lenovo Tab M8 tablet

For a budget-friendly option, check out the Lenovo Tab M8 tablet. It looks like a smartphone and is one of the shortest options on this list. With 32GB of storage, a stunning 8-inch display and a clean look (thanks to the metal cover), it’s a great find.

GrandPad tablet for the elderly

We are sincere excessive With the GrandPad. This is a tablet designed for senior citizens that’s it technology is much easier to use (we had to invent it, TBH). Life has never been easier with easy-to-use icons for calling someone, checking emails, and viewing photos.

Google Tablet

The Google Android 10″ Tablet is under $100 and worth buying for its vibrant display. Its bright photos and its Bluetooth-enabled capabilities (oh, and a great camera) make it a great find if you’re looking for a new tablet.

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