Why the European Union is set to Ban 8K TVs by 2023 | Tech Reddy


A few years back we suggested that there was no need, yet, to buy an 8K TV. It turns out, there are many reasons not to buy one that goes far beyond “insufficient content” – the sets will be banned in the European Union (along with other 4K models) because they use too much power.

Some background: The EU is set to introduce revised energy labels for various appliances by March 2023, with a ranking from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). The new labels will also show the efficiency of the screen when displaying content in HDR, as it can use twice as much power as other settings. But along with easy-to-read labels, there are now strict guidelines for energy use.

As the trade group the 8K Association previously noted: Unless something changes, March 2023 will spell trouble for the nascent 8K industry with the 8K EU Regulatory Ruling. This is when new EU energy regulations are set to come into effect. The power consumption limits for 8K TVs (and microLED-based displays) are set so low that none of these devices will exceed them.

So what will happen next? The following Web suggests that there will be a rush to higher screens (and energy-inefficient) before March in the European Union. In the best case scenario, TV manufacturers can update software and hardware to help comply with the new guidelines. Or there may be a lot of lobbying by trade groups to get an extension or exemption, possibly led by the aforementioned 8K Association, which requires the executive committee to hold a review meeting before the end of the year (as their operational guidelines. suggest).

Although this may not be a good thing for consumers in the EU – and may affect the speed at which the rest of the world adopts 8K – the 8K Association points out that these strict guidelines may affect medical imaging, digital signals, scientific visualization / Simulation, rental and theater, museums, planetariums, theme parks, virtual reality and other businesses and services outside the home.


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