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Why Debra Morgan Is One of Television’s Favorite Characters

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This article contains spoilers for DexterSad characters are some of the best to watch develop. They make viewers feel everything from happiness, anger, and sadness, and most of the time, all three emotions at once. Debra Morgan is an example of a tragic character; from feeling neglected or rejected by every man she’s dated, to the anger she feels every time her boss, Maria LaGuerta, interferes with her work progress, to her death at the hands of the man she loves the most, Dexter. Debra Morgan faces tragedy every step of the way on her hero’s journey. Here’s why Debra Morgan is one of the saddest TV characters.


Unresolved trauma

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From the death of her father when she was a teenager, and watching her first true love die before her eyes, to realizing she has a repressed love for her foster brother, Dexter, Debra’s life is a whirlwind of trauma. This anxiety dominates all his relationships. She enters into a casual relationship with Anton Briggs after FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy relocates for a better job, enters into a relationship with Joey Quinn with the impulse to fill the void of “masculinity” in her life, and bears the trauma. dating The Ice Truck Killer – who is just trying to kill him, but it happens to be the biological brother of a man who has not changed the only figure in Debra’s life, Dexter.

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His rivalry with LaGuerta

Debra Morgan takes pride in her work as part of the Miami-Metro PD. From disrupting Debra’s assignments, to undermining her authority, to generally opposing her when Debra offers career advancement – LaGuerta is Debra’s antagonist from start to finish. However, LaGuerta finds a middle ground when she suspects that the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive, asking Debra to help her investigate further. This lengthy investigation keeps Debra on the verge of a mental breakdown as she learns the identity of the Bay Harbor Butcher-Dexter.

When LaGuerta discovers the truth, she tries to expose Dexter, and when that attempt fails, she tries to scare Debra into confessing by showing video evidence collected in Travis Marshall’s murder case (which Debra helps Dexter cover up). When Debra has to choose between Dexter and LaGuerta in a life and death situation, LaGuerta tries to play Debra back to her weak spot by saying – “She’s a good cop, she’s a good person; you’re not. like her – put her down.” While LaGuerta didn’t deserve her ultimate fate at Debra’s hands, she was an obstacle to Debra’s goals throughout the show.

His downward spiral

One of the most interesting things you can see happen to any tragic character is persistence; to Debra Morgan; this happens upon discovering that Dexter is a serial killer. What makes the discovery even more painful is the reiteration that Debra is one of the best detectives the Miami-Metro PD has; in the course of a few hours, Debra pieces together evidence in the case of the Trinity all the way after The Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, and realizes that they all have the same link: Dexter. That same night, Debra sneaks into Dexter’s room and discovers his new set of blood slides, leading her to ask Dexter the hardest question of his life: “Are you a murderer?” This is the beginning of Debra’s descent. Instead of exposing Dexter’s crimes, he becomes a part of them, first by keeping his secret and trying to change him, and later by giving in to his dark desires and asking Dexter to “do what you do” and frame Hannah McKay for his murder. the table. Debra’s point of no return kills LaGuerta, morally flawed as she was, she didn’t deserve to die.

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Dexter is at the center of Debra’s woes. From the neglect she experiences from her father, Harry, as his attention is focused on containing Dexter’s Dark Rider, to Debra’s unwavering love for Dexter, to carrying her secret from his discovery – Dexter’s presence is Debra’s greatest obstacle. Her romantic relationships are doomed to failure as none of her partners compare to Dexter; Dexter has little understanding of romance or what his feelings for Debra mean, and Debra abandons her behavior and behavior by remaining faithful to Dexter’s secret life. Even when Debra faces the guilt of killing LaGuerta, she makes a final act of involvement when she helps Dexter ambush Oliver Saxon in the first episode of the series, and seals his fate when Saxon injures him. By being part of Dexter’s creation, Debra is destined for her tragic end from the very beginning of the show.


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