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Career life is like high school rehab—it comes with its own vocabulary, ladder of excellence to climb, girls to manage and crippling anxiety to drown in cups of coffee. And while each has its own experience, there are certain trends among corporate workplaces that bond their employees for shared pain. On the bright(-ish) side, there will be tons of relatable memes that you and your co-workers can laugh at (while you’re sitting in the office on a Friday night and finishing up a movie screening 76 ‘fast’) . From WTF-related captions to mocking corporate email quotes, here are 7 funniest Instagram stories to keep an eye on:

Creative Corporate Content Accounts to Follow on Instagram

1. @corporatenatalie

CEO of WFH jokes, Corporate Natalie is a colleague with whom we want to share a table space. From fake tech issues on a Zoom call and the typical Friday workday to dealing with all kinds of coworkers, she understands the pain Gen Z workers are adapting to. and mixing in the beginning of their careers, they changed the comic. it.

2. @justme.rod

Don’t worry corporate millennials, I don’t care about your arguments. Whether you’re thinking of your Gen Z colleague or counting the ‘!’ to ‘.’ ratio before hitting send on email or use a backup and an iced coffee to keep you busy— Rod’s the guy for you.

3. @loewhaley

Laura is credited with changing the way I write my corporate emails. Equal parts talkative and funny, he has a good story about dealing with co-workers who don’t respect boundaries, dismisses people’s emails outside of the office and makes fun of illegal rules. business writing (except for the use of the word ‘wet’ to provoke his actions. good).

4. @dmicheleeee

Dana’s corporate culture content will have you saying “that’s me”, reel after reel. His videos range from funny situations about misguided managers to thinking about quitting after small problems that will definitely help you become less of a sea of ​​your corporate workplace.

5. @pashagrozdov

Pasha’s middle name is Fabulous. Here to make you laugh, his stories featuring comedy parodies, sassy emails to recruiters, managers and HR and stories about niches and fashion brands are all you need for a laugh. more confidence to get you through a hard day’s work.

6. @satshya

Between creating humorous stories about the complexity of Indian languages ​​to funny stories about family and relationship drama, Satshya creates relatable corporate culture content, especially for the new generation of Gen Z. — everything from the difficulties of applying for leave (*crying in the corporate world*) to staying. Stick with the aggressive manager.

7. @saraimariee_

Sarai is known for her funny POV stories about corporate workplaces that show her in a different way. Quitting, making your salary, freelancers, co-worker drama, promotion tactics—his reels will get you up to speed on all the online aspects of corporate culture.

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