Usha Bachani opens up about being a part of Crime Alert! | Tech Reddy


An actor Usha Bachani, who is a part of Dangal TV’s Crime Alert, says he loves being a part of the show. The actor added that he is a big fan of crime shows as well.

“I love doing crime shows because I love watching crime shows. I watch a lot of crime related series. I watched most of the episodes of Crime and Savdhaan India episodes instead of watching daily soaps. I also like them because most of the stories are true,” he said.

He adds,

“I love seeing the suspense and excitement in these stories. These are also attractive as people know these are true stories and want to know what happened.”

Talking about working with Dangal TV, he says,

“Working with Dangal has been a joy. It’s not the first time I’ve worked with them, I’ve done Crime Alert before. it was good Mitu He was on my creative team before for another show, so he’s a lot of friends.”

Watch Crime Alert on Dangal TV at 1 PM, Monday to Sunday

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