TVS Sets Up ‘Everyday Heroes’ For Doctor’s Day | Tech Reddy


Combination Everyday heroes returns to its roots this month in honor of Veterans Day honoring those who serve in America’s military.

“The November show is where it started,” said James Harris, Everyday heroes executive producer and partner at Dallas/Fort Worth-based GameDay Productions, which used the Everyday heroes platform to highlight queer people since 2012. The show is distributed by The Television Syndication Co.

In September, the award-winning production company relaunched a long list of specials with an expanded focus, adding features to other worthy heroes such as first responders, teachers, health workers and other community leaders. Everyday heroes now it’s a 12-month 30-minute special.

Kevin Weik, president of GameDay, said the GameDay team originally created the show as a way to tell the inspiring stories of military veterans they met while helping veterans’ support organizations provide free homes and free transportation to deserving people. Weik says: “When they told us what they were doing, I said, ‘How can we help?'” Weik recalls. “My dad was in the Navy, but I didn’t serve, so this was my way of giving back to our company. We kept hearing these incredible stories and decided they should be told.” GameDay produced two Everyday heroes shows the first year, and quickly expanded to four features around major holidays, such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Black History Month.

“Our passion is to tell great stories,” said Executive Producer Jerome Butler. “It’s about using our technology to shine a light on these special people while taking a collective look at national events, holidays and events to help create these incredible voices.”

Today, a team of 19 full-time employees and more than 30 freelancers work on a monthly integrated series that gives television stations the opportunity to put content on the national game, with 2½-minute segments available to highlight their daily heroes.


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