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From scratchThe eight-episode Netflix drama, based on Tembi Locke’s best-selling memoir, is here to remind you that few TV shows are more fun than Hot Chef.

The series follows Amy Wheeler (Zoe Saldana), an American studying abroad in Italy who meets and falls in love with a friendly Sicilian named Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea). She has striking olive skin, dark hair, bushy eyebrows, and just enough facial hair to impress, but not. as for so much so that it hides her prominent cheekbones or sweet dimples. He’s a physically stunning model, and once he turns his Italian accent on, there’s no doubt in your mind that he’s a crush. But learning that Lino is a CHEF raises his hotness to another level.

Because our hearts are joined together by Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), a toxic, sarcastic, passionate chef in the hit FX drama 2022, Bear, people accept “Yes, chef!” mind, which means they’re interested in charming characters who know their way around the kitchen, like Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), a dreamy chef. Emily in Paris.

Lino in 'From Scratch,' Carmy in 'The Bear,' and Gabriel in 'Emily in Paris'
Photo: Netflix; FX

To the From scratch, Lino presents himself as a sensible, chivalrous suitor before he invites Amy to his restaurant for a tasting, but when we see him in his place — chopping, slurping, tasting, and pounding the well-plated dishes — he’s very hot. Maybe it’s skill, attention to detail, or passion that makes chefs so hot. Maybe it’s their ability to make cooking an art form, to comfort people, or to take the tastebuds on a spiritual journey. Who am I kidding? It’s all of the above, plus some mouth-watering food porn.

In an interview with Eater, Locke—who happened upon the real-life chef who inspired the character of Lino—shared her suspicions about why people find the job so appealing. “I think it affects all of our desire to be fed and nourished; it is very important to all of us. There is a deep connection between being fed and nurtured,” he explained. “There is also the charm of having a chef in the kitchen. The culture in the restaurant kitchen is very strong, and the chefs have this commanding style that feels full of energy and power and energy. It’s very sexy, there’s a kinetic energy to what’s happening. Literally and figuratively, they carry a lot of plates in the air, and that is very interesting and compelling to watch. “

Lino on 'From Scratch'
Photo: Netflix

Without spoiling the series, Lino and Amy’s story is a real tearjerker that will make you cry “NO, CHEF!” for change. But the fact that Mastrandrea as Lino is a real snack remains true.

Other hot TV chefs of 2022 include Regina Howard (Christina Moses) on A million little thingsPreacher (Colin Lawrence) on Virgin Riverand Selena Gomez on Selena + Chef. But as we learned from Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub in A great nightManish Dayal in A journey of a hundred feetBradley Cooper on It’s burnedAli Wong in Always Be Mine Maybe, and every Hallmark movie about a chef, the trend isn’t limited to TV. And let’s not forget Lee Pace as Ned the pie maker Pushing Daisies proves that bakers and pastry chefs are good as hell, too. As long as TV shows and movies serve up hot cooks, I’ll keep devouring them.


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