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Television viewers have more ways to watch their favorite shows as internet connectivity expands beyond desktop computers and smartphones. Smart TVs offer them a wide selection of personalized content and an enhanced viewing experience that supports their adoption in more targeted advertising.

“There is a new opportunity emerging in the CTV landscape, based on performance and direct response to television,” Trevor Hamilton, managing director, Americas at data analytics company Kochava, said in an interview with Beet.TV. “There’s a lot going on within the environment as it relates to the ways forward in terms of people engaging with content, doing more with hardware.”

Kochava’s roots are in mobile marketing, where performance metrics are a key part of finding out how campaigns are delivering results such as app installs. As television becomes a platform, marketers are gaining a common understanding of performance. They also have more ability to reach target audiences who show interest by downloading CTV apps for Roku streaming devices or smart TVs from manufacturers including Samsung and LG.

“The hardware makers — the Rokus and LGs and Samsungs of the world — are really becoming the new app stores,” Hamilton said, pointing to Roku’s data showing that it offers 40,000 apps to consumers, “and consumer behavior is now leading in a direction where people are more informed and sophisticated in their search.” fresh content and apps that are relevant to consumers’ viewing preferences.”

CTV’s apps and supporting technology infrastructure help brands expand their metrics beyond reach and frequency to include data about other parts of the consumer buying funnel.

“This full end-to-end capability allows brands to engage with consumers within the context of CTV in more sophisticated ways and really picks up where the line left off with a new digital revolution,” Hamilton said. he said.

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