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Channel 4’s Ewan Douglas and Ronny Golan from ViewersLogic sat down with Hannah Bowler this week on TV Talk. Two talking models and the need to prove the effectiveness of TV as budgets are squeezed.

In this episode, we explore Channel 4's new platform

In this episode, we explore Channel 4’s new platform

As part of The Drum’s television broadcast, news editor John McCarthy and television reporter Hannah Bowler have teamed up to launch a podcast series looking at developments in the TV market. Throughout the next 10 episodes, we dig deep into Netflix and Disney’s marketing strategies, discuss CTV ratings, and branded entertainment and product placement—and ask our favorite media buyers what they’re buying.

Last month, Channel 4 teamed up with ratings company ViewersLogic to develop a cross-media attribution platform after finding weaknesses in existing models in the market. Dig deep.

I respect the other models that have been put on the market, and many people use them, but we feel that there is more that can be done here. We feel like there’s not a whole picture,” Douglas said on the podcast.

In the last episode, John McCarthy caught up with Sky’s marketing director, Sunny Bhurji, to discuss all things Sky Glass. And if you absolutely love the pod, our entire archive is available here.


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