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Below Deck Adventure is all set to return to Bravo screens and we have all the details on the new cast members and where you can find them on Instagram!

Those who have seen Under Rachel before will know that there is never a dull moment on the show, and the same can be expected from the upcoming season.

As some old faces return, fans will see two new faces.

The following members will be seen in the upcoming season of the show:

Captain Kerry Titheradge

Captain Kerry Titheradge captains the ship and has been bringing her for over 30 years. The show will test his leadership skills as he overcomes everyday challenges.

Although he is busy with work, he does not compromise on relaxing and spending time with his family. His Instagram is a perfect proof of that.

Faye Clark

Faye is the real foodie who started the corporate business. However, once he entered the world of sailing there was no turning back.

In addition to following his passion, he also owns his own company, The Salt Beef Shack, which is a successful experience in itself.

Lewis Lupton

Lewis is a graduate of the British Maritime Academy and has a wealth of knowledge and love for the sea.

His social media shows his daily life and he allows followers to follow him in his daily life.

Oriana Schneps

According to Express, Oriana’s love for the sea dates back to when she was in school when she started working at an aquarium in Boston when she was still young.

He also participated in a scuba diving research trip in the Bahamas and went on to pursue sailing.

It’s Jessica Condy

Nicknamed “Wanderlust Chef,” Jessica is a certified beach chef, specializing in Mediterranean and Asian-Fusion cuisine.

She loves to travel and is not afraid to try different foods that the world has to offer.

Kyle Dickard

Kyle has always followed his heart, which is why he never looked back when he decided to leave home at 19 to travel the world.

His Instagram is a book into his life that shows him living some of his best moments. He discovered sailing in the Bahamas and has over five years of experience bringing it to the show.

Kasie Faddah

Kasie lives in Costa Rica and enjoys adventure as much as she loves the ocean. He grew up in a Mormon church but his desire to explore outside eventually prompted him to start his own journey.

Michael Gilman

Michael is from Roa Motu and was studying computer science before deciding to change direction and explore the ocean.

Although he may be new to the world of sailing, a trip to the sea is not something that scares him.

Nathan Morley

Nathan has been working at sea since he was 18 years old. It all started when he jokingly asked a captain for a job. Once he got it, he never looked back and has been working in the industry ever since.



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