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Supernote A5 X digital writing tablet

Rebecca Isaacs/ZDNET

E-ink tablets fall under a small but ever-growing niche that helps students and professionals alike focus on tasks — whether it’s writing, scanning PDFs, or simply reading. As someone who takes handwritten notes for planning projects, creating personal notes, and more Supernote A5 X What I’m testing has become an essential tool in my daily life. It’s not the cheapest E-ink tablet at $299, but I think it’s worth the investment. Here’s why.

Let’s start with the positives. After using the e-ink tablet for more than a month, I’m still impressed with the unlimited templates for custom use — whether it’s for notes, calendars, or general organization — as well as multiple pen settings, including a fine liner and marker. , and a calligraphy pen. The interface allows you to adjust the color and thickness of each pen stroke and highlight text to remember important details later.

Additionally, I was happy to see that I could create multiple layers within a document or move pages within a document to create unified notes. The competing tablet, the ReMarkable 2, offers similar functionality, but costs more when you consider the pen and case, which must be purchased separately. Some other common features include a floating taskbar and Supernote’s ability to tag and search for headings, which is great when you’re trying to remember the action plan for last week’s meeting.

Deleting text is also easy. In the taskbar, I can choose to delete entire sections by circling the text I need to delete and deleting minor errors. There was plenty of inspiration from popular e-ink tablets on the market.

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Supernote A5 X tablet

The tablet pen can take notes in different styles and thickness settings.

Rebecca Isaacs/ZDNET

Nothing is perfect, especially with how competitive the Supernote is. A problem I noticed with the tablet was that even though the input caught up after a few seconds, it sometimes lagged when I was typing mid-stroke. These moments were very few and far between, and they happened every time I made a quick sketch on the device. However, if you naturally type fast or fast, the lag can be a small mess that leads to a real problem.

I’m also not the biggest fan of the battery status in the settings menu. (At least give the ability to toggle visibility!) This is really related to Supernote issues. Although I didn’t see it regularly, after more than a month of use (one to two hours a day), the tablet’s battery level dropped to only 62%.

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Speaking of longevity, I was happy to see that I could edit Microsoft Word documents with the A5 X and upload them to two separate cloud services — Dropbox and proprietary Supernote cloud storage. Other features include turning your tablet into an e-reader for reading books from Amazon’s Kindle service, creating security passcodes, adjusting display input and calibration, and more.

at the original price of $299, Supernote may seem expensive to some students and office workers. However, if you find yourself to be a tactile learner and most productive when taking notes, an e-ink tablet is worth the investment. For more recommendations, check out ZDNET’s ranking of the best digital writing tablets.


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