Hospital Foundation hopes to raise $250,000 for TVs and cable – | Tech Reddy


The High River District Health Care Foundation works to make hospital stays easier.

Cathy Couey and the Foundation say they want to buy 50 televisions and provide free cable service over the next decade to patients in intensive care.

Like most of their campaigns, this one comes from the local community.

“There was a member of the community, Glenn Woolgar, came into the office one day, he was visiting one of his friends and he noticed how low he was and he thought to himself, what a difference having a TV would have made so he came in and said ‘what do we have to do to make it happen?'” explains Couey.

She says staff have recognized the benefits of having a TV for patients to watch, as a distraction and routine for those with favorite shows they like to watch regularly, not to mention how long days can feel without something to break them up.

“Right now, the system we have in the hospital is out of date, there are small televisions in some rooms, there are rooms without televisions and some static is disturbing, to say the least,” he said. he says.

The goal is to raise $250,000 for TV and cable service and they already have $60,000 thanks to the Highwood Lions and High River Hospital Auxiliary.

Couey says Alberta Health Services is moving away from having televisions in hospital rooms as technology changes and more people have phones where they can watch videos or movies, but after taking a closer look at the local community they determined that most members of the community still don’t. .

He says they are committed to having televisions in patient rooms for the next ten years and if something changes during that time they will look at it again.

Everyone in the community can get involved by making a donation of any size.

There will be $5 Tip Tap machines located at the hospital and Colossi’s Coffee House or you can donate online at


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