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Important information about, like, five: You can download videos on Horizon Worlds and share them on Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok clone a Meta.

At the Meta Connect event today, the company formerly known as Facebook announced this new way to share content from Horizon Worlds, Meta’s popular social VR app. Despite launching a year ago, the platform remains “unpopular,” a New York Times survey said.

Ideally, this feature will help raise awareness of what Horizon Worlds is all about and how fun it can be, as long as you don’t die easily. Facebook and Instagram may not be so hot, but unlike Horizon Worlds, average consumers use these apps!

This is one of the clearest connections between Meta’s application ecosystem and its virtual reality investment (you can use Messenger in your Quest headset, but it’s really hard to type, so the novelty of reading in VR fades). However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues need to show that people really want to socialize in VR, and they will be happy to brag to their friends about their cool metaverse experience. reporting TikTok Crazy cow. If everything looks like Zuckerberg’s famous Eiffel Tower selfie, that’s a challenge.

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