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A Christchurch shop owner is disappointed police failed to investigate a break-in at his shop where thieves stole fireworks but left nearby computers and TVs untouched.

Caveman Electronics owner Lynlea called it a “brutal shock” to discover the break-in yesterday morning at his Hornby store on Waterloo Rd.

Coming after the ram attacks across the country, he hoped the police would arrest the culprits, he said.

However, despite the security cameras installed in his shop, the police told him they would not investigate, he said.

“The police didn’t come because they thought it was inappropriate,” Lynlea told Newstalk ZB presenter Marcus Lush.

Lynlea said her store does not have security cameras.

Unfortunately, we were in the process of getting security cameras – no one in our neighborhood has them.

The police said they received a report of the shop being broken into yesterday morning.

“The explosives were taken. “The police have conducted a preliminary investigation but at this point there are no other avenues of investigation,” the spokesperson said.

“If anyone has any information that could be of assistance to the police they are advised to let us know.”

Lynlea said the thieves pulled the metal door up and then squeezed through a small gap.

He didn’t know who robbed the store but he suspected they were petty criminals because they only took fireworks.

“We’ve got televisions and we’ve got computers and monitors and we’ve got our own floating till, which is only about $50,” he said.

“We had all that here and they took nothing but explosives – that’s what they came with and that’s what they took.

– By Ben Leahy


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