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Google will host a high-profile event tomorrow night where Android manufacturers will showcase their shiny new devices. The Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel Watch have all been confirmed to appear at the Made By Google event, but the Mountain View firm may be up for another surprise. This is the Pixel Tablet, a new gadget from Google that will be released in 2023.

While the company hasn’t confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will appear at its show, its appearance wouldn’t be unexpected.

Confirmed details on the Pixel Tablet remain under wraps, but we do know that Google’s tablet will be closely related to other Pixel products.

Google confirmed this when it unveiled the Pixel Tab at I/O 2022 in May.

At the time of the reveal, it was announced: “This is the next-generation Android tablet powered by Google Tensor, designed to be the perfect companion to your Pixel phone.

“The tablet works seamlessly with all of your Pixel devices to provide the most useful experience possible, bridging your life on the go with your life at home.

“We’re working to make it the most useful tablet in the world, and we aim to make it available next year.”

From what Google has said so far, it looks like fans have a few things to look forward to.

The Pixel Tablet’s promise to “work seamlessly” with all other Pixel devices and be the “perfect companion” for the Pixel phone hints at a number of features.

This includes updates like starting something on your Pixel phone and continuing it on your Pixel Tablet – whether it’s your progress in an app or monitoring your entertainment on other devices.

The latter is one of the features already confirmed for the Pixel 7 range. Google said: “If you’re listening to music or watching a show, you can play, pause, rewind, and adjust the volume from your phone, headphones, or watch.”

So it looks like you’ll soon be able to add “tablet” to that list, so you can control your entertainment.

Elsewhere, it’s no surprise that the Pixel Tablet uses Fast Pair capabilities.

The feature is available for Pixel Buds Pro and the upcoming Pixel Watch along with Pixel phones, and allows people to quickly connect multiple Pixel devices together.

Google’s early reveal for the Pixel Tablet may also hint at another feature designed to be the “world’s most useful tablet.”

This adds weight to rumors that the Pixel Tablet will actually double as a Nest Hub smart device.

Earlier this year, Google was rumored to have a new Nest Hub with a detachable display equipped with Android 13.

But given what Google has already said about the Pixel Tablet, it wouldn’t be surprising if the alleged new Nest Hub is actually a Pixel Tablet.

Google appeared to be referencing some of the smart home features of its new tablet, which they said will bridge the gap between home and life on the go.

One way this works is that the Pixel Tablet will simply have an additional dock in the home where users can turn the tablet into a Nest Hub-style device.

This unique feature also helps the Pixel Tablet boast thick bezels reminiscent of tablets from years ago, with a design that looks dated.

It’s not yet clear whether the Pixel tablet will make an appearance at this Thursday’s Made By Google event, but there won’t be much time to find out.

The Made By Google event takes place in New York, but will also be broadcast worldwide via YouTube.

The event starts on Thursday October 5th at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm BST and 4pm CEST. brings you all the big news from the main Google event.


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