The Play Store will deny access to the non-standard Instagram hack | Tech Reddy

The Play Store will deny access to the non-standard Instagram hack

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Google is still following Apple’s example

App stores like Google Play serve two different customer groups, each with their own needs. Smartphone users are mostly concerned about stores that detect malicious apps and keep their devices safe, while developers want to show off their software and protect their IP. When one app starts accessing another’s services in an unauthorized way, though, we’re about to go to war, as we saw earlier this year with closure of YouTube Vanced. This week we’re learning about a new app that may face that kind of problem, as the Play Store is stocking up on an app that offers yet another customizable, ad-free, mind-blowing feature to Instagram.


Called “The OG App,” this unofficial IG client was launched at the end of September with the goal of helping users relive the good old days when Instagram wasn’t besieged by the algorithm. Attention hungry, Reels, NFT, and boring ads. Application developers Ansh Nanda and Hardik Patil (under the label Un1feed) split Instagram’s API to implement a nostalgic, but customized experience. Users can manage different feeds, set defaults, stop feeds from going live for 24 hours, and turn off post receipts for DMs.

But as TechCrunch shares, the program opens a can of worms with its workarounds for accessing the service, which puts user data at risk. Some users on Twitter say that Instagram warned them suspicious login after they trust the OG App with their credentials. The developers tried to explain the warnings as a result of their work with 2FAbut many users are concerned about the handling of this.

The big push started, though, when Apple pulled the app from the App Store late last month. Meta is also reportedly taking action against developers for violating its policies. In its takedown message to devs, Apple explained that the OG App violated Instagram’s terms of use because it also violated App Store rules.

With Google now following Apple’s lead, the developers sent out a tweet saying so cannot continue serving users now. The app can still be installed on Android phones, but we don’t think the benefits outweigh the risk to your security.


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