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A Katy Perry song has landed the National Party in hot water after it was used in one of the group’s music videos. Photo / Christine Hahn

The National League has taken down an Instagram video attacking Labor because a Katy Perry song was used “out of context” in the video.

Perry Someone said The tune was attached to a video, recently published on the social media app by National, titled “Just be rich ft. The Labor Party” – a reference to food delivery company Just Eat, the song is an advertisement.

The video showed the percentage increase in the price of various food items with the caption “Under Labour, food prices have gone up”.

However, the deal appears to have backfired after Just Eat-owned Menulog, which operates in New Zealand, contacted National and asked for the video to be taken down due to a copyright issue.

“Our social media team adapted the TikTok style for Instagram reels, and Menulog’s audio was used out of context,” said a spokesperson for the National Group.

“Menulog asked us to remove the video, which we did.”

The national leader is Christopher Luxon.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
The national leader is Christopher Luxon. Photo / Mark Mitchell

In 2017, National was found guilty of copyright infringement for using an Eminem track Miss you for 2014 election advertising, and was originally supposed to cost $600,000 before the Court of Appeal reduced it to $225,000 in 2018.

The Government of the day was accused of knowingly skimming license fees by using the road. Eminem Esque.

The National League bought it Eminem Esque from the company Beatbox, who bought the license from the California Labrador music library.

In 2017, the High Court ruled that a $600,000 “presumptive license fee” should be paid for permission to use it. Miss you in the National press.

The court held that Eight Mile Style had exclusive rights to the song’s license, which was too little to grant permission to use the song in advertisements.

Even National’s legal team tried to argue Miss you not a very original work to begin with, judge Helen Cull found Eminem’s work Miss you a “very original work”.

“The special sound of Miss you it is not limited by a ‘musical’ line, but a combination of other instruments, especially guitar chords, timbres, powerful hypnotic rhythms and frequent violin and piano-like playing.

“It’s not a surprise Miss you received the 2003 Academy Award for Best Original Song.”

Cull decided that Eminem Esque “really” is copied Miss youto the point where the differences between the two are “minor”.


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