The Instagram video shared by Phone is set to create evidence: Meta | Tech Reddy


Meta said on Tuesday that the video shared by The Wire, which it says shows the internal Instagram system, has been “specially staged to create evidence to support The Wire’s reports”.

In an update, the social network said the video, which The Wire says is evidence that their false allegations are true, actually shows an externally created Meta Workplace account “created with the name of Instagram and branding to mislead peopleā€.

Meta said in a blog post that this is an ongoing investigation, and “we will update as it unfolds”.

“We have found the Workplace account in question and found it was created on October 13 – after The Wire’s reports were first published,” said Meta.

The account was set up externally as a free trial account on Meta Workplace’s enterprise product under the name ‘Instagram’ and using the Instagram logo as a profile picture.

“It’s not an internal account,” the company said.

Meta said it had shut down the account because “it violates our policies and is being used to perpetuate fraud and mislead journalists”.

Earlier, Meta (formerly Facebook) said that while they should be held accountable for their decisions, “The Wire’s allegations are false” and that the images of the two emails from the Meta worker used in the statement is “fake. “.



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