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The Samsung smart TV could use a basic life upgrade

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Samsung Electronics is the largest TV brand in the world, for good reason. To name a couple, the company has excellent panels, and Tizen offers access to content platforms such as Samsung TV Plus and Gaming Hub. However, it’s not all roses. Although Samsung continues to add new features to its high-end TV models, it seems that the company is neglecting simple things, especially in the budget-friendly TV series such as Crystal UHD.

If you’re not familiar with the company’s Crystal TVs, it’s likely that Samsung doesn’t talk much about them. The tech giant’s big announcements have largely focused on premium lifestyle TVs and technologies like QLED and Neo QLED. However, in the real world, the Samsung Crystal TV line is almost unaffordable in markets with weaker economies. I have a Crystal TV from Samsung, and while I am satisfied with my purchase, I think there is room for improvement in quality of life.

It wouldn’t hurt if the TV menus were snappier

While navigating the menus offered by Samsung’s high-end smart TVs isn’t terrible, it could be better. The menus sometimes stutter and need a few seconds to catch any commands you throw at them, which makes for an unpleasant user experience half the time.

Although some people can adjust to the lag factor, I don’t think anyone should. And, I’m going to go out on a limb and think that one of the main areas of these budget TVs involves adults. Some may have upgraded from non-smart TVs, with their generally responsive menus.

Samsung should stop shipping smart TVs with gummy controllers

Add remote controls with rubber buttons on top of the menu buttons, and you have a recipe for a bad first impression. And yes, although Samsung has been promoting its solar-powered remotes for over a year, keep in mind that these advanced models are reserved for high-end TVs.

Low-end TVs like the Crystal UHD ship with remote controls that have mushy buttons, and needless to say, they make the sometimes-laggy experience feel worse. Although it would be wrong to expect Samsung’s lower-end TVs to ship with its remote controls, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve the quality of life. Just upgrading from mushy to buttons with a click without throwing in a solar cell should be enough.

The SmartThings TV remote no longer supports dark mode

Conspiracy theorists may believe that Samsung is shipping TVs with gummy controllers in 2022 as a way to force people to use the remote control within the SmartThings mobile app. That may or may not be the case, but I would argue that it isn’t, because the SmartThings TV remote doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves and it fails in one key area. That is, the SmartThings TV remote no longer supports dark mode.

As some of you may know, the SmartThings smartphone app itself has a dark mode, but the TV remote within SmartThings does not support this “must have”. So, if you’re tired of using a mushy low-end Samsung remote and thinking of replacing it with a SmartThings TV remote for your Galaxy phone or tablet, you’ll have to put up with the bright background. It can be a real nuisance, especially at night.

The world’s largest TV brand should not shy away from basic lifestyle improvements

In conclusion, Samsung is the biggest TV brand in the world, so you could argue that the company didn’t need any of the above lifestyle features to reach the top. But while that may be true, it doesn’t mean the company can’t do better, especially on the bottom line.

These may seem like minor complaints, and in the grand scheme of things, they are. But with a little effort in these areas – menu responsiveness, remote control buttons, and the SmartThigns TV dark mode remote – Samsung can provide meaningful improvements to the lives of millions of TV consumers around the world. It may not seem like much, but I believe that extra polish can make a world of difference.

Have you used any budget Samsung smart TV? What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you have any other suggestions for improving the user experience? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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