The government is not providing enough security to the BJP leaders | Tech Reddy


NEW DELHI: Aware of terrorists’ attempts to disrupt the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP today accused the Center of not doing enough to secure its leaders and expressed surprise at the Home Minister’s remarks that there is no input of any threat to them.

Noting that the country cannot afford to let its guard down on security, BJP said that the Center has not initiated adequate steps to secure political leaders, despite reports that four Indian Mujahideen militants arrested by the Delhi Police they had planned to target Narendra Modi.

The BJP also accused the Congress of “encouraging” terrorists with its statements aimed at vote bank politics.

“India cannot afford to let its guard down… it is surprising that the political establishment of the Home Ministry recently announced that it had no information about any threat to political leaders, especially the BJP during the election campaign,” BJP leader Arun Jaitley. he said.

Home Minister SushilKumar Shinde had said that his ministry has no information about threats to BJP leaders.

BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said the report that the four terrorists were planning to attack Modi was an “extremely sensitive subject” and a challenge to the democratic system.

“We were expecting the Center to step up the security of Modi and our other leaders. It probably did not happen. We had also submitted a memorandum to the Home Minister on the issue, but it seems that the government is not doing the need”. he said.

Calling for a consensus on national security issues, he raised the demand for an exclusive tough anti-terror law.

“We have to have some consensus on national security issues like other countries. We have not issued statements that encourage terrorists,” he said.

Jaitley said there would be attempts by insurgents to disrupt the general elections and the country’s security establishment cannot afford to fail even once, as the threat comes from groups on the other side of the border, which are supported by state and non-state actors, as well as state and non-state actors. various indigenous modules.


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