The design of the Google Play tablet will appear in 2023 | Tech Reddy

The design of the Google Play tablet will appear in 2023

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Google revised the Play Store tablet, foldable and big screen during I/O in May, and the most important aspect of it will be in 2023.

The navigation rail component of the update was launched in late September, replacing a much wider drawer. This new element is easier to access because it is centered vertically, and the top search bar is no longer wide. But currently, Google Play is just a carousel of apps one after another.

This will change next year when app screenshots, videos and descriptions will appear directly on the Apps and Games “Home” pages/channels. Google says that “the purpose of this content forwarding method is to better display your app in the store and help users make an install decision.”

We’ve published a set of content quality guidelines as best practices for displaying your app on large screens.


Developers who “have assets that meet these criteria” will be able to take advantage of rich formats on Play starting early next year. Google does not affect the promotion of this app, it says “your app is as listed in the Play Store”.

Meanwhile, Google Play appears to be adding a dedicated Kids tab to the bottom bar alongside Games, Apps, Books, and Recommendations as part of a broader tablet redesign.

Google also announced today that developers can upload up to eight Chromebook screenshots (1080-7690px landscape 16:9 screenshots) to their listings from the Play Console, in addition to phones, tablets, and watches. On Google Play for Chromebooks, these images appear in listings and on the Play homepage.

The company also issued the following advice today:

  • Use device-specific screenshots that show the core app or game experience.
  • Showing a physical device in your store listing can quickly make your screenshots and videos look outdated or alienate some users.
  • Do not include screenshots that are pixelated, stretched or compressed, or incorrectly rotated.
  • Don’t use too much text so that your screenshots and videos look great when displayed on Play home pages.

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