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MMA superstar Stamp Fairtex has inspired fans around the world with his accurate and vicious elbow attacks. The Thai fighter began his martial arts career at the age of five, specializing in elbow strikes.

On Instagram, the 24-year-old phenom said:

“Deliver destroyer.”

In the clip, he demonstrates how to circle from an opponent’s kick and deliver a sharp elbow. His training partner fell heavily to the ground. Stamp landed a similar hard elbow to score against top ranked ‘Shadow Cat’ Jihin Radzuan in his recent fight.

Watch below for the slow-motion drama of the elbow:

The 24-year-old Stamp is wrapping up an American college tour. He has traveled all over the country teaching many fighters in Muay Thai techniques, perhaps his elbow specialist.

Stamp Fairtex’s next fight is ONE on Prime Video 6

In an epic battle of the rules, Stamp faces off against the ‘C18’ beauty and Anissa Meksen. The fight is scheduled for January 2023 at ONE on Prime Video 6.

The French-Algerian Meksen is a dangerous battle to fight. He has held world titles in every organization he has competed in and is currently undefeated in ONE Championship. Meksen is winning against Dangkongfah Banchamek. However, Stamp is not surprised. In an interview with SCMP MMA, he said:

“I think Dangkongfah is a good athlete, but Anissa’s advantage over her is that Dangkongfah is smaller than her, and this is the first time Dangkongfah has fought. [on the global stage]. Maybe Dankongfah is a little nervous and eager to fight ONE. Anissa had some good shots, that’s all.”

Check out the full interview between SCMP MMA and Stamp Fairtex below:

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Stamp Fairtex is coming off a big win with ‘Shadow Cat’. However, Meksen was not impressed with Stamp’s performance. In his post-fight interview, Meksen said:

“He is [Stamp Fairtex] I’m a dancer, I’m very good… I’ve been training MMA for a long time now, I’m hoping for a fight so I like it, it’s a good opportunity so we’ll see what happens in January. I’m very happy that this is the first project where we do MMA and Muay Thai so I’m happy to do this.”

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