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Sophie Zucker ‘Follow Friday’ Comedy Interview

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Despite living in the past, we are still living in the future. And the way it looks in the past, suggests a new approach to our traditions “Follow Friday” column. We at Vulture have turned from our Luddite ways, opting for a more interactive digital angle on what was once a text-only front page. We want you to get to know our favorite up-and-coming comics, authors, and most often funny people face-to-face (or face-to-face). So we hope you enjoy our new and improved Instagram Live feature on “Follow Friday.”

This week, I sat down with the late Sophie Zucker (Dickinson, Sophie frowned, hanging below after a show at BCC with a group of Brooklyn alt comics) for a virtual discussion about teen angst, bullying, and Christian social influencers. She told the true story that inspired her one-woman show about loving your cousin, gave some insight into the new additions to the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts, and wondered who she was talking about. it’s fake blue. check it out on Twitter before the app crashes. He is also very vulnerable about his relationship with animal accounts on social media: “Well, here’s the thing, I don’t mean to alienate the audience: I’m not crazy about a beautiful animal. I I grew up with dogs, I love them, I’m not afraid of animals, but I have some special accounts but very little cute animals. Love baby, love little baby. No. could be a lot. But yeah, I don’t think it’s for me.”

You will find Sophie upstairs Twitter at @sophierzucker and on Instagram at @stringcheesezucker.

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