Fan Peter Kay sends him Instagram DM after £377 ticket blunder | Tech Reddy

Fan Peter Kay sends him Instagram DM after £377 ticket blunder

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Fans are going crazy this week after British comedian Peter Kay announced his retirement after a 12-year hiatus.

Those behind the tickets were waiting patiently on Thursday (November 10) and most of the websites crashed the minute they were opened before they went on sale. But one big fan of the Bolton comedian had to wait a long time to see him on stage after he made a mistake and ended up buying 10 tickets to the wrong show.

Leah-Dionne Short, from Bingley, waited patiently on Ticketmaster “all morning” to book herself tickets for the tour. However, at the end of his journey, he was able to spend £377 on tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters exhibition basketball team, reports the Mirror.

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In a post on Facebook admitting her mistake, Leah wrote: “I can’t believe I’m still writing this, but I’ve been trying to get Peter Kay tickets all morning and it’s gone when i ride it brings me happiness.just went to buy the wrong tickets for thinking af**k.

“If anyone wants a ticket to see the Harlem f***ing Globetrotters let me know, because I got TEN stupid stupid tickets. £377 down makes me laugh, but also makes me cry.”

As you might imagine, the announcement sent people offline, with some people questioning how the two events got into trouble in the first place.

One person wrote: “Oh my god. Sorry but that made me [laugh]. What the hell are you so crazy about?” Another said: “I’m literally crying laughing!”

And a third said: “Oh, Leah! Too bad for you but it’s so funny!”

In a desperate attempt to get her tickets changed, Leah sent a private message to Peter Kay’s official Instagram account. He wrote in a funny post: “Hiya Peter, I hope you are well. I’m a bit sad to be honest my love. I tried to buy 10 tickets for your show which was very difficult, and I I finally got to Ticketmaster I was so happy I made the wrong purchase.

“You won’t believe it but I’ve ordered 10 tickets for the Harlem bloody Globetrotters Pete, I’ve never watched a basketball game in my life! What’s worse I’ve spent £370 on It’s a privilege! Is there any way you can help me with this? Two of the VIPs for my dedication to garlic bread and cheesecake?”

He told the Mirror: “I was on 3 networks and tried to pre-purchase there for two hours. I finally got through and got my code for Peter Kay before sale, and when I got to the Ticketmaster website I was so upset about making sure I got the tickets I didn’t realize that not all the dates and shows were listed for Peter Kay, some for other events.

“So I clicked on one, selected 10 tickets and paid. Later I found out that the stadium where the event was held was not called ‘Harlem Globe Trotters’!”

Thankfully, Leah’s friend was able to get tickets at another pre-sale, so she still got to see Peter Kay in action despite his major setbacks.



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