Sonya Curry says Klay Thompson thanked her for celebrating on Instagram | Tech Reddy

Sonya Curry says Klay Thompson thanked her for celebrating on Instagram

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Mothers are very wise, even if you are not.

Klay Thompson learned the hard way after Sonya Curry, the mother of Warriors teammate Steph, gave him some heartwarming advice during a difficult time last month.

And in an appearance on the podcast “Your Mama” Sonya spoke to hosts Lisa McCaffrey (yes, the mother of another famous Bay Area star) and Ashley Adamson about Thompson’s appreciative response to his kind words.

“[Thompson] She called me and thanked me for it,” Sonya said. “My mother just had a heart attack, and I was like, ‘Dude.'”

Sonya posted an emotional message on one of Thompson’s Instagram posts last month after TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley reported that the Splash Brother was no longer the same after back injuries to later.

“You don’t owe an explanation!” Sonya wrote to Thompson on Oct. 28. “You’re doing better than most current and former NBA players by saying you’re ‘unmatched’.”

After Sonya told Thompson she wanted to see her “Champion smile” again following Barkley’s comments, the 32-year-old’s slow start to the 2022 NBA season -23, it is clear that her son’s friend appreciated the kindness.

Thompson took Barkley’s criticism and called out the Hall of Famer for his comments following the Warriors’ loss to the Phoenix Suns on Oct. 27.

“To hear someone say, ‘Oh, he’s not the same as he was before the injuries,’ like, wrong,” Thompson said that night. “Who goes there and comes back… I don’t know, it just hurts my heart to hear that.

“But you know, I’m going to go in and it’s going to fuel me to get better.”

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Along with Sonya, Thompson’s friends like Steph and his coach, Steve Kerr, spoke to protect the Warriors star and four-time NBA champion.

In fact, Sonya admitted on the “Your Mama” podcast that, next to Steph, Thompson is her favorite Champion.

And with a crew like his cornerback, it’s safe to say Thompson has the support he needs to bounce back better than ever.

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