Samsung and Amazon control nearly 60% of the global tablet market | Tech Reddy


BOSTON—The ripple effect of the Covid pandemic continues to impact the tablet market and delivered surprising results in Q1 2022, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

While vendors are grappling with supply constraints and logistical issues caused by the pandemic, strong demand for tablets continues and Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple all saw impressive growth rates in Q1 2022.

A better-than-expected start to 2022 could be short-lived as China’s COVID restrictions, additional logistical and inflationary pressures and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine all threaten to disrupt supplies, Strategy Analytics warned via its Computational Devices (CCD). ) service and its new report “Preliminary Global Tablet Shipments and Market Share: Q1 2022.”

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“Despite shipments declining over the past three quarters, demand for tablets has never been lost,” said Eric Smith, director – Connected Computing. “It all came down to retailers managing the twin challenges of constant demand and supply constraints. Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft all won big quarters with new portfolios and strong distribution strategies, given all the challenges at the macro level. Apple’s recovery from last quarter’s shipping constraints was equally impressive, as they actually grew shipments consistently. This is unprecedented in the business, but with more disruptive factors at play, we should expect the unexpected.”


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