Samsung aims to ship more than 40 million TVs by 2023 despite economic slowdown | Tech Reddy

Samsung aims to ship more than 40 million TVs by 2023 despite economic slowdown

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Last updated: 25 October 2022 at 08:33 UTC+02:00

New reports claim that one of the world’s largest television manufacturers, Samsung, is looking to ship more than 40 million televisions by 2023. This estimate is to ensure that it places its highest position in the television market. While the South Korean giant believes it will be able to reach the 40 million mark, it will be a challenge due to the economic slowdown in the sector in the coming quarters.

However, Samsung should be optimistic despite the adverse conditions to ensure its leadership in the industry. Of the estimated 40 million TV units, about 39 million units will be Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs, with 1.5 million units planned for quantum dot OLED (QD-OLED) models.

Like LG, Samsung will not enter or launch any White OLED (W-OLED) models. W-OLED models are currently only manufactured by LG Display. Samsung will rely on CSOT, HKC, LG Display, BOE, and AUO for LCD panels for its TVs.

Samsung to give scope to its Chinese supplier CSOT over BOE to supply the display

Among all these suppliers, China’s CSOT (subsidiary of TCL) will be the main one for Samsung, supplying about 10 million units (via TheElec). Samsung also supports the CSOT over the BOE because of the conflict it has with sales contracts. In fact, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, also has shares in CSOT and sold its Suzhou factory to a Chinese partner earlier. All these attractive features definitely give CSOT an edge over other providers.

BOE, at one time, was the second largest supplier of LCD panels to Samsung TVs. But with ongoing disputes and other factors, BOE’s position in Samsung’s supplier portfolio has declined recently. It is not only controversial, but Samsung is looking to diversify its LCD supply due to the hit of the TV business due to the pandemic.


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