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Ola S1 Air vs TVS iQube Standard

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To bring electricity to the masses, Ola Electric was launched its most affordable e-scooter, the S1 Air at an amazing introductory price of Rs 84,999 (ex-showroom Delhi with Fame II), is like a petrol powered scooter. What is interesting is that despite the low price it does not compromise on features. Here’s how it fares against the affordable premium EV, the TVS iQube Standard, feature-wise.

Ola S1 Air

Qube Standard

7-inch TFT touch screen display

5-inch TFT panel

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection

Full search


Music and call management

Call notification

Ride Moods (various modes and themes)

One theme

Faux Motor sounds

Party way (Plays music on motorcycle speakers)

There are no speakers

Three riding modes – Eco, Regular and Sport

Two riding modes – Eco and Power

Reverse Help

Reverse Help

These are the main features that both scooters come packed with. As you can see, despite being more affordable, the S1 is superior in terms of features against its rival, the iQube.

Ola S1 Air

When it comes to the claimed IDC range, both e-scooters boast a respectable figure of 100km for the iQube and 101km for the S1 Air. High speed, however, is where things change. The S1 Air achieves a top speed of 85kmph while the iQube can reach a slightly lower speed of 78kmph.

TVS iQube Standard

The iQube Standard is priced at Rs 1,10,056 (ex-showroom Delhi with Fame II), around Rs 25,000 more than the original price of the S1 Air. Would you consider paying a significant premium for fewer features and slightly less functionality? Considering when we rode Qube Electric’s S variant, we were very impressed with its performance and value for money (you You can check that review here). However, if the S1 Air arrives without any seemingly annoying issues like the ones we faced with the S1 Pro, we think it could be the best choice. Stay tuned for a proper road test.


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