Pro-Trump protesters in Pahrump say FBI search of Mar-a-Lago home is a ‘government cover-up’ | Tech Reddy


Supporters of former President Donald Trump rallied in Pahrump on Friday to protest the FBI’s search of his Mar-a-lago property. About 30 protesters braved 104-degree temperatures at the intersection of the 160 and 372 freeways to show support for Trump.

Dressed in red, white and blue, the crowd waved flags and encouraged vehicles to sound their horns in support.

They were protesting the Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach home, by FBI agents carrying warrants. The FBI was looking for documents that should not have left the White House when Trump left.

“It was a blatant overreach by the government,” said the protester, Gil Allen, of Pahrump. “That tipped the scales for me.”

The FBI’s search of Trump’s former Florida home last week turned up four sets of top-secret documents and seven other sets of classified information, according to a list of items seized in the high-profile raid profile and cleared by a federal judge on Friday. Investigators seized about 20 boxes of items from Mar-a-Lago, including photo binders, information about the French president and a variety of classified material.

But co-organizer Yolanda Magley said the “raid” on Trump’s property was horrific, so she came to support it.

“The FBI was out of line to try to hurt the president or any other American for that matter,” Magley said.

Lori Hooker said she also came Friday to support Trump and change the balance of power.

“We need to get rid of the radical left and do what we can to turn this country red,” he said.

Mike Steigman came from Las Vegas to show support for his Pahrump brothers and sisters. A group of four women from Las Vegas saw the rally flyer on Facebook and made the trip as well.

“We need to support Trump,” said Norma Rivera.

Lulu Hernandez agreed.

“Trump is the right man to lead our country and drain the swamp once and for all,” he said.

Co-organizer Dan Magley wished there had been a better turnout, but he was hit by the heat, which hit 104 degrees.

“If we do this again, we’ll do it early in the morning,” he said.

Bill Newyear is a freelance writer in Pahrump.


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