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Meta’s photo and video sharing application Instagram is adding 100 million users in India every nine months and will reach the 400 million user mark in India this month, advertisers understand the reasons for the company told ET.

“If you count the growth, every nine months, Instagram has added 100 million users. In February last year, Instagram had 210 million users in India, and in November it was 309 million. This month, Instagram will add another 100 million. users, reaching the 400 million mark, “said an advertising plan.

Instagram did not respond to an email seeking comment until further notice.

ET reported last month that Instagram was the most downloaded short video social media app in the App Store and Google Play from January to June this year. According to data shared by Sensor Tower and ET, Instagram had 118,700,000 downloads while Facebook had 86,600,000 downloads in the same period.

Other domestic short video apps clocked downloads ranging from 24,200,000–40,800,000.

Instagram’s growth in India comes as parent Meta posted its first earnings report for the public company for the quarter ended June 30.

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Parent company Facebook reported revenue of $28.8 billion for the three months ending in June, down 1% from the previous quarter.

The company’s revenue in the quarter fell 36% year over year to $6.7 billion.

Reaching 400 million brands in India makes Instagram very important for any brand’s media mix, regardless of sector, says Amit Tripathi, managing director of independent digital-first firm IdeateLabs.

“Influencers have become an important brand for Instagram, and Instagram has opened up its platform with marketing and other marketing tools to make business solutions more successful. In addition, due to the deep integration of the platform among young people, so Instagram is a must-have. It’s a solution for brands that embrace digital change in the region,” he added.

Anand Chakravarthy, a digital marketing and media expert, said that if the platform reaches 400 million users, the media will have more opportunities to reach people.

“Today there are many digital platforms that make it easier to reach consumers. The real challenge is figuring out how to engage the audience on these platforms. The effort required for creativity and performance Brand communication has never been more important than it is today. It’s where we need to focus more,” he added.

Prasad Shejale, founder and CEO of LS Digital, one of India’s leading independent digital marketing and transformation companies, said that reaching the 400 million mark speaks volumes for the power of images and videos. to tell stories about the new generation.

“Brands should take this as a lesson to reach the next generation of consumers using videos and pictures and create a brand about the power of communication,” he added.

Instagram’s short video format, Reels, has grown in popularity nationally.

Instagram previously said that many creators in India are growing rapidly due to the visibility that Reels offers and the platform is also seeing more features coming from regional languages ​​and cities. little. There have also been trends from India to the world. Meta has also expanded the ability to create reels up to 90 seconds long, and has launched Remix and Collabs, allowing users to create reels with their friends or students.

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