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James Corden was on top of the world at one point in his career.

Corden’s success spans the globe as an actor, comedian, singer and broadcaster.

He starred in movie musical adaptations alongside industry heavyweights, such as Judi Dench and Meryl Streep.

His talk show, The Late Show with James Cordenhas been on air since 2015.

He has also hosted many of the world’s award shows, including the Brit Awards, the Tonys and the Grammys.

But recent reports of the Brit’s bad behavior have overshadowed Corden’s stellar career.

Corden deals with each accusation as it comes his way. But as soon as he dismisses one story about his misconduct, another takes its place.

‘Bullying customer’

Rumors about Corden first hit the press two weeks ago when Keith McNally, owner of New York celebrity Balthazar’s, said Corden was unpopular with his staff on two occasions.

“James Corden is a very talented comedian, but a little man. And the most abusive customer of my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago,” wrote McNally in an Instagram post. He blocked Corden in his establishment.

McNally’s dark Instagram post quickly went viral, with Corden eventually calling the owner to apologize.

McNally said he decided to lift the ban, thanks to Corden’s apology.

But it appears that Balthazar and Corden are no longer on good terms, with McNally announcing that he “gave up” on the comedy “for good”.

He got into the spirit of the interview Corden did Timeswhere he appeared to deny any wrongdoing.

“I didn’t yell at anyone, I didn’t shout, call anyone names or insult or use derogatory language… How is this from a distance? And it’s okay? And now it’s real, that’s why,” Corden said in the profile.

“When that person wrote the story it wasn’t even there. It’s just weird.”

The owner of Balthazar didn’t take kindly to Corden’s change of heart, issuing what he said would be his final statement on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to spoil the pudding too much, but it’s Friday in London Times Corden freaked out and told a big lie AGAIN, he said.

“In the scheme of things my opinion doesn’t mean anything, but after Friday’s interview and his admission of fraud, I’ve given up on James Corden. For good.”

Copy the cat

Also on Wednesday, the internet came to the collective realization that Corden appeared to have pulled a prank on his colleague Ricky Gervais.

When discussing Elon Musk’s take on Twitter on Monday, Corden told a joke almost identical to the one Gervais told in his 2018 stand-up special. Personality.

Gervais called out the similarity in a tweet he has since deleted, saying he “felt sorry” for Corden.

Corden finally admitted he was wrong in a tweet posted on The Late Late Show account.

“Unknowingly, he told a Ricky Gervais joke on last night’s show, apparently not knowing it was coming from him,” he wrote.

“It’s brilliant, because it’s a Ricky Gervais comedy. You can watch all of Ricky’s best specials on Netflix. J x.”

To give Corden the benefit of the doubt, one of his writers may be to blame.

The gaffe adds another chapter to the feud between Corden and Gervais, which has been brewing for years.

For example, Gervais called Corden a “fat pussy” on stage at the 2020 Golden Globes.

Nothing to lose

If this whole ‘problematic discussion process’ scenario sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

Just 12 months ago, we were watching every move made by Ellen DeGeneres, who was drowning in accusations about her diva-like behavior.

There was an issue of alleged discriminatory behavior by a group of producers of his talk show.

During the ongoing scandal, Degeneres lost her talk show, which had been on the air for 18 years.

But unlike DeGeneres, perhaps fortunately, Corden has pulled the plug on his talk show.

Corden says this is the last time The Late Show with James Corden will film in September.

Corden says he’s interested in taking on a role beyond the scenes.

But while his show was going on, a Reddit thread created by Corden’s team to connect with fans has become a ‘town spot’ for acquaintances and former fans to share their Corden stories.

Corden and his team only answered a few questions submitted by Redditors, before giving up entirely.

Among the viral stories are reports of Corden ignoring his wife and crying child on a long-haul flight.

One recounted the time Corden allegedly sat down with pop star Harry Styles for dinner in London, and had a “big c-” title that “treated the wait staff like s-“.

And others have reposted clips of Corden, like the time he and Patrick Stewart got into an argument on stage at an awards show.

So while Corden may have partially ironed things out with Balthazar and Ricky Gervais, don’t be too surprised if you see James Corden’s name in the headlines, for all the wrong reasons, again in the future.


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