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In October 2022, the top 10 photos on the Bernews Instagram page are the launch of the Space X Rocket, the release of Gosling’s Limited Edition Black Seal Rum, and Karim Creary being invited to Bermuda Beach, Foot of the Lane on a cloud. day, the promotion of Anthony Daponte Sousa, a day from the east of Bermuda, Kiara Wilkinson was invited to the Bermuda Bar, a beach wedding in Bermuda, the launch of Dr. CariGenetics. Carika Weldon, and this year’s Swizzle Festival.

#1 – Space X Rocket Launch

#2 – Black Seal Gosling Limited Edition

#3 – Karim Creary is summoned to the Bermuda Bar

#4 – Foot Of The Trail On A Cloudy Day

#5 – The Promotion of Anthony Daponte Sousa

#6 – The Sun From the Far East

#7 – Kiara Wilkinson Called To The Bermuda Bar

#8 – Sunrise Beach Wedding

#9 – Dr. Carika Weldon’s CariGenetics

#10 – Swizzle Festival 2022

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