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Instagram is announcing three new features for users who create Reels videos, including the ability to transfer to Facebook and more.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, explains the new features in the video below.

The three new Funny features are:

  • Transfer from Instagram to Facebook
  • “Add Your” sticker
  • News about Reels’ activities on Facebook

Here are the full details on each update announced today.

Crosspost Instagram Funny To Facebook

If you have accounts on two social networks you can post a video on Instagram and post on Facebook at the same time.

When you create a video on Instagram it will ask if you want to share it on Facebook.

After you choose to transfer all the videos created on Instagram will automatically share with Facebook if you do not indicate it at the time of sending.

Note that the default privacy setting for Videos is public. Even if you have a private Facebook profile, people you are not connected to can see your Videos.

“Add your” contact from Instagram stories

Instagram is bringing the “add you” sticker from Stories to Videos.

You can add a sticker to a Video to encourage others to create a Video in response. It could be something like, “My highlight of the week is being at the beach. Add yours.”

Users can click on the sticker and add their own feedback to answer your question.

Mosseri shares his passion for the situation in a promotional video:

“What’s amazing is when you see something that inspires you to create your own story, and we want to have that in a video. We want to eat video to fun and entertaining, but we also want to inspire people to tell their own stories, and we hope to achieve that goal.

Let’s say you post a Tweet with the “add me” sticker and a lot of people respond and it goes viral.

Thanks to the sign, everyone will know that you started the trend.

Mosseri continues:

“If you start a trend we want to make sure you get credit for starting that trend, so it’s a little affiliate link. A small link to your profile can be found on the sticker, which you can turn off if you like.

New Ideas For Funny Videos On Facebook

New and improved views for Videos are coming to Facebook.

This update allows you to analyze data such as reach, average watch time, total watch time, and other metrics to help you understand Reels’ global performance on Facebook.

Customize Videos On Facebook

On the subject of the new Funny features, it’s worth mentioning that Meta introduced the ability to customize Funny on Facebook.

Using Studio Creator you can organize Reels content in advance and manage all Reels that have been published in one place.

There are many other ways to share short video messages on Instagram and Facebook.

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