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200 horses were pumping out power and although it was extremely difficult I exercised restraint and drove it calmly.

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So I finally took delivery of my Fortuner Diesel 4×4 (Manual) in Attitude Black color on 14 Oct 2022 at Espirit Toyota, Cuttack.

The booking was made promptly on 9 September 2022, at which point the dealer called me in response to a casual inquiry of mine and confirmed the availability of one of their last lot of 4×4 variants. I was in the middle of work at my Gurgaon residence and couldn’t resist and confirmed the booking just by instinct for INR 50,000 online booking amount. My wife went to the gym and couldn’t believe that our casual conversation about cars and my common interest had turned into a booking and how!

The sales advisor informed us that the car will be dispatched on 16/17 September 2022 and should reach showrooms by 22/23 September 2022. It was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting it to arrive after 2-3 months, naturally of course

Traveled to Bhubaneswar on 6th October 2022 and directly from airport to showroom to do PDI as per checklist. Have shared pictures from PDI earlier in this thread, which I am not repeating.

I completed the payment on 7th October 2022 but unfortunately due to puja holiday and backlog of new purchase registration, Vahan site crashed and temporary registration was not done and RTO was closed due to 8th October 2022 2nd Saturday. I had to return to Gurgaon due to work and related travel scheduled for next week. Finally, provisional registration is completed on 13 October 2022.

I was however scheduled to go to Cuttack for work on 14 Oct 2022 evening, which I had pre-booked on a morning flight and scheduled the delivery for the same afternoon/evening. I was accompanied by my parents and my colleague and colleague Vopian Sifrek. My wife and kid couldn’t travel due to work and school respectively.

Finally got the delivery in the evening, which was followed by handing over of the keys and traditional pooja at the showroom itself. We took some sweets for the entire staff which were distributed. A cake and a box of chocolates and a Toyota key ring were given by the dealer. Underbody anti-rust coating and Toyota rubber mats were complimentary. 10 liters of diesel was filled in the showroom. OD also demonstrated delivery time of 8 km while PDI time was 6 km.

Went to the famous Cuttack Chandi temple for puja and the attention it attracted on the street was crazy. Stuck in reverse gear for a while and got it right after a few tries.

The 200 horse power was coming out and although it was extremely difficult I exercised restraint and rode calmly realizing it had to run before the pedal floored. Just ran in normal mode and it was a hoot. The monstrous torque was addictive and always brought a smile to my face.

Delighted in the service of Espirit Toyota, Cuttack team and especially General Manager Mr. Naik, Assistant General Manager Mr. Shashi Bhushan and most importantly my Sales Advisor Mr. Biswajit Samantaroy Mr. Gadadhar Behera was very cooperative, helpful and patient. Answer calls and questions and provide clarification in a transparent manner. As my first Toyota car in the family and 2nd Toyota car (my dad’s Innova Crysta bought from the same dealer), they have been a pleasure to work with and I really hope they keep up the great work.

Back to Gurgaon after the weekend due to work commitments leaving the car behind and not enjoying much. However, I am planning to drop it off from Bhubaneswar next month. Will share more details and updates on this but will share some pictures in between which will speak for themselves.

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