Morgan reads Instagram DMs from about days | The Bobby Bones Show | Tech Reddy


Morgan such a bachelor Lunch box said guys to start posting his DMs on Instagram. Messages are interesting and people are starting to understand their pick up lines.

He shared some of the messages he received such as, “Is this still available?” telling him. Lunchbox thought that was a good story, but the rest of the show didn’t. Another story is about a mom trying to connect with her son who lives in Nashville. Another is that someone asking him to fill out a new student survey is a blank call. One said he was willing to move to take her on a date. He was supposed to come out of town to take her on a date. One said they would be together forever and said “The first day and last night are on me! Hope is in the midst of life!” And the last one is a guy who says he loves his head and hair.

Morgan is ready to go play with two different guys. It was their first date, he hadn’t met them since DM.


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